Silicon Photonics

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Coupled vertical gratings for applications in wavelength division multiplexing

Self-alignment of photonic wires by optical forces

On-chip resonator

Recent research highlight: Optical Bistability in a Silicon Waveguide Distributed Bragg Reflector Fabry–Pérot Resonator


For an optical resonator operating in the bistable regime, the output power ceases to be uniquely determined by the input power because multiple powers within the cavity satisfy the resonance condition. This phenomena enables the realization of photonic circuitry with a number of different functions, including switching, memory, logic, and modulation. We have demonstrated optical bistability in a waveguide Fabry-Pérot resonator created from distributed Bragg reflectors. This design has the advantage of maintaining a small footprint and high packing density, while taking advantage of the reduced power consumption that characterizes resonant devices. This design is appropriate for very short cavities, since it does not suffer from bending loss. Furthermore, due to the utilization of Bragg reflectors, the configuration presented here is particularly attractive for wavelength selective applications.