On-chip resonator

Resonator diagram

We integrated metallic mirrors with a silicon-on-insulator platform to create a compact on-chip micro-resonator. The resonator consists of metallic plugs inserted into a layer of silicon, resting on a silicon dioxide substrate, as shown in figure (a). A grating is patterned onto the silicon layer to allow excitation of the resonator from free space. Theoretical model for the optical characteristics was developed. The fabricated structure, shown in figures (b) and (c) was characterized experimentally, and good agreement between theory and experiment was observed. The proposed metallic mirrors are advantageous due to their ultra-small size, high reflectivity, low sensitivity to polarization, and high tolerance to fabrication imperfections. Furthermore, we showed that the resonator exhibits a very high sensitivity to adsorption of biochemical molecules to its surface. 1cm 1cm chip allows integration of 100 of such resonators to achieve high-throughput detection of biochemical species for future applications in diagnostics, drug development, and environmental monitoring.

Resonator SEM