Electrically pumped subwavelength metallo-dielectric nanolaser

Diagram of nanolaser structure

We present an electrically pumped subwavelength pedestal pillar laser using a metallo-dielectric cavity. In our numerical study, the metallo-dielectric cavity significantly enhances the quality factor (> 1500) of the wavelength-scale and subwavelength-scale lasers, and the pedestal structure strongly suppresses the threshold gain (< 400 cm-1). We show numerical modeling of our subwavelength metallo-dielectric cavity design, exhibiting high Q factor and low threshold gain, giving our device the potential to operate at room temperature.

Experimentally, we demonstrate a successful incorporation of metal cavity and low index dielectric shield layers in our electrically pumped subwavelength scale laser structure. We observed lasing in a 750 nm gain core radius laser at temperatures from 77 K to 140 K with the threshold current of 50 uA (at 77 K). We also observed lasing from a 355 nm gain core radius laser at temperatures from 77 K to 100 K. Both lasers operated in continuous-wave mode. We also investigate the lasing characteristics of our laser devices with temperature and size dependence.

Nanolaser curve