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Visitors: The UNO group regularly welcomes visiting scholars and collaborators from around the world. In addition, we sometimes have job openings for specific postdoctoral scholar positions (see below), or for exceptional candidates as funding allows.

PhD and masters students: We occasionally have openings for PhD and masters students (mostly for PhD students). Interested students should contact Shaya Fainman with letter of interest and resume, in addition to applying directly to the UCSD ECE graduate program. Most of the students who join our research group contact us prior to arriving at UCSD, and join in the summer or fall of the year they arrive at UCSD.

Undergraduate researchers: We have paid research opportunities for undergraduate researchers most summers through the NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program; interested students should apply through the NSF directly. We also occasionally have additional volunteer research projects available during the summer and school year; interested students should contact Shaya Fainman directly with resume and letter of interest.


Position: Postdoctoral scholar and photonics testbed facility manager

This is a full-time position.

Duration: At least one year (renewable)

Start time: Available immediately until filled

The Ultrafast and Nanoscale Optics (UNO) research group at the University of California San Diego, headed by Prof. Yeshaiahu Fainman, is looking for a postdoctoral scholar. As 50% of the candidate’s time would be spent managing the Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility, a silicon photonics recharge lab designed for both internal and industry users, this position could be ideally suited for candidates looking to gain both research publications and industry-related experience.

UNO group research: 50% of the candidate’s time will be spent on research related to that of the UNO research group. We’re seeking candidates with research interests in areas including nanoresonators, nanolasers, nonlinear optics, silicon photonics, and plasmonics. Ideas for research projects or collaborations are welcomed. Prior nanofabrication experience is helpful but not required. Candidates will assist in the training and supervision of graduate and undergraduate researchers, and collaborate extensively with other UNO group members.

Chip-Scale Testbed Facility: 50% of the candidate’s time will be spent building and managing the CIAN Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility. This is a recharge facility designed for testing silicon photonics components, for use by researchers who are members of the Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN), an NSF-funded multi-university and industry research collaboration. These researchers include the UNO group as well as other research groups at UCSD and at other universities. The Chip-Scale Photonics Testing Facility is also open to reservation by industry users. The candidate will be responsible for training/supporting users of the facility. The facility recently received nearly $1 million in grant money for upgrade/ expansion; the candidate will be able to play the driving role in designing the new photonics testbed facility, as well as in purchasing new/upgraded equipment, and in building the new silicon photonics testing stations. In addition, the candidate will collaborate with researchers in the CSE and ECE departments at UCSD to help build an upgraded all-optical switching network (building on the current MORDIA network). The candidate will likely be able to publish this work as well.

No green card, citizenship, or clearance required.

Education requirements: PhD

Other requirements:

  • Experience in optical telecommunications and/or silicon photonics
  • Familiar with optical testbed equipment and characterization of silicon photonic devices
  • Familiar with optical networks

Other preferred areas of experience include:

  • Nanolaser/nanoresonator devices
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Design of silicon photonic devices
  • Plasmonics
  • Nanofabrication experience

Please send resumes and letters of interest to Shaya Fainman (