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Visitors: The UNO group regularly welcomes visiting scholars and collaborators from around the world. In addition, we sometimes have job openings for specific postdoctoral scholar positions (see below), or for exceptional candidates as funding allows.

PhD and masters students: We occasionally have openings for PhD and masters students (mostly for PhD students). Interested students should contact Shaya Fainman with letter of interest and resume, in addition to applying directly to the UCSD ECE graduate program. Most of the students who join our research group contact us prior to arriving at UCSD, and join in the summer or fall of the year they arrive at UCSD.

Undergraduate researchers: We have paid research opportunities for undergraduate researchers most summers through the NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program; interested students should apply through the NSF directly. We also occasionally have additional volunteer research projects available during the summer and school year; interested students should contact Shaya Fainman directly with resume and letter of interest.


Position: Postdoctoral scholar position in foundry-enabled photonic integrated photonic circuits

This is a full-time position.

Duration: At least one year (renewable)

Start time: Available immediately until filled

Recent groundbreaking advancements in the application of foundry services in silicon and III-V enable the volume production of integrated photonic circuits and systems-on- chip. The Ultrafast and Nanoscale Optics (UNO) research group at the University of California San Diego, headed by Prof. Yeshaiahu Fainman, has an extensive experience in both integrated silicon and III-V technologies. The UNO group is seeking motivated postdoctoral candidates with research interests in integrated photonic systems specifically focused on microwave photonics, optical sensing, optical communication and photonic/electronic integration. Candidates will work closely with an established design team composed by undergraduate and graduate students and a senior research scientist.

As part of a design team, the candidate will participate specifically on foundry-enabled mutli-project wafer projects (MPW) runs. The projects include photonic systems-on- chip for integrated microwave photonics, sensing, optical communication and photonic-electronic integration. The candidate will submit tape out designs to foundries such as IMEC, TowerJazz, Applied Nanotools, AIM Photonics and Sandia Labs.

The candidate must be proficient with simulation tools such as Lumerical, Matlab and COMSOL. Experience with SILVACO is a plus. The candidate must have a strong experience with MWP runs process and foundries’s design rules. She/he will design layouts with PDKs (Process Development Kits) provided by the foundries. She/he will use mask design tools such as IPKISS and L-Edit. She/ he will perform DRC checking using Mentor Graphics Calibre. The candidate will participate in the characterization of the chips.

Education requirements: PhD in silicon photonics

Ideal candidate profile:

  • Strong experience in silicon photonics
  • Strong experience in multi-project wafer (MPW) runs is highly desirable.
  • Strong experience in optical testbed equipment and characterization of integrated photonic devices.
  • Experience in microwave photonics, and/or experience in sensing, and/or experience in optical telecommunications is a plus
  • Knowledge and/or experience with electronic IC design/RF engineering/signal processing is a plus

Please send resumes and letters of interest to Prof. Fainman (