Group alumni have conducted research at a variety of institutions including:

  • California Institute of Technology (Liang Feng)
  • Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan (Kazuhiro Ikeda)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (Maxim Abashin)
  • NEC Laboratories America, Inc. (Robert Saperstein)
  • Vanderbilt University (Kevin Tetz)
  • Intel Corporation (Chia-Ho Tsai)
  • National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (Chyong-hua Chen)
  • Cymer, Inc (Rostislav Rokitski, Alexander Simic, Matthew Chen)
  • Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories (Dmitriy Panasenko, Maurice Ayache)
  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Dan Marom, Uriel Levy)
  • University of California Berkeley (Liang Feng)

Graduate Students

Year Name Degree Thesis and current coordinates
Kazutaka Oba M.S.
1995 Espartaco Diaz Hidalgo M.S. Patent Agent at Qualcomm
1996 Hiro Sasaki Ph.D.

"Dynamic photorefractive memory and its application for optoelectronic neural networks"


1996 Vladimir Armstrong M.S. Senior Design Engineer at Comcast
1996 Fang Xu Ph.D.

"Polarization Selective Computer Generated Holograms"


1997 Brian Catanzaro Ph.D. Freedom Meditech
1997 Luis Humberto Detaboada M.S.
1997 Sarah Lynn Dobson M.S.
1998 Paul C. Lin M.S.
1998 Hau-Minn Lu Ph.D.

"Geometric theory of images"


1998 Boris Aron Slutsky Ph.D.

"Key Distillation in Quantum Cryptography"

Principal Development Engineer at UCSD

1998 Eric Takeuchi M.S. Director of Business Development at Daylight Solutions
1998 James A. Thomas Ph.D.

"Optical Phased Array Beam Deflection using Lead Lanthanum Zirconate Titanate"


1998 Rongchung Tyan Ph.D.

"Design, Modeling and Characterization of Multifunctional Diffractive Optical Elements"


1999 Arie P. Kaplan M. Eng.
1999 Paul Elliot Shames Ph.D.

"Characterization and Modeling of Scattering Electrooptic Ceramics"


1999 Nathan Shou M.S. Staff Optical Engineer at Coherent
1999 Lijun Zhu Ph.D.

"Adaptive optics with a micromachined membrane deformable mirror for high resolution retinal imaging"

Senior Director, Active Components R&D, NeoPhotonics Corp.

2000 Dan M. Marom Ph.D.

"Femtosecond-rate optical signal processing with applications in ultrafast communications"

Professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2002 Wataru Nakagawa Ph.D.

"Near-field phenomena in resonant and nonlinear photonic nanostructures"

Professor at Montana State University

2004 Dmitriy Panasenko Ph.D

"Single-shot detection of ultrashort laser pulses with applications to nonlinear propagation in transparent dielectric and radio-frequency spectrum analysis"

Optical Engineer at JDSU

2005 Rotislav Rokitski Ph.D

"Method and applications of time-resolved space-heterodyne imaging"

Systems Engineer at Cymer

2005 Chyong-Hua Chen Ph.D

"Design, fabrication and characterization of optical microcavities for application specific optical devices"

Professor at National Chiao Tung University

2005 Chia-Ho Tsai Ph.D

"GaAs-AlGaAs nanostructured composites for free-space and integrated optical devices"

RET Engineer at Intel

2006 Nikola Alic Ph.D

"Information Processing for Improved Performance in Optical Networks"

Researcher at UCSD

2006 Kevin Tetz Ph.D

"Plasmonics in the Near-Infrared: Spatial, Spectral, and Temporal studies of Surface Plasmon Polaritons"

Design Engineer at Micron Technology

2007 Guy Klemens Ph.D

"Enhancement and analysis of nonlinear optical processes in designed microstructures"


2007 Robert Saperstein Ph.D

"Information Processing using Longitudinal Spectral Decomposition of Ultrashort Pulses"

Research Scientist at Ziva Corp.

2007 Maziar Nezhad Ph.D

"Active and Passive Plasmonic Devices"

Senior Lecturer (Photonics) at Bangor University, Wales, UK

2008 Yaoming Shen Ph.D

"Photoluminescence spectral study of single CdSe/ZnS Colloidal Nanocrystals in Poly(methyl methacrylate) and Quantum Dots molecules"

Optical Engineer at Checkpoint Technologies

2008 Kazuhiro Ikeda Ph.D

"All-optical nonlinear switching in optical micro-resonators on a silicon chip"

Professor at NAIST in Japan

2009 Maxim Abashin Ph.D

"Near-field characterization of photonic nanodevices"

Postdoctoral Researcher at UCSD

2010 Liang Feng Ph.D

"Chip-scale resonant plasmonic nanostructures"

Assistant Professor at The State University of New York at Buffalo

2011 Steve Zamek Ph.D

"Miniaturization of Chip-Scale Photonic Circuits"

Research Scientist at KLA-Tencor

2011 Dawn Tan Ph.D

"Optical Dispersion and Nonlinearity in Integrated Silicon Nanophotonic Devices"

Professor at SUTD in Singapore

2011 Aleksandar Simic Ph.D

"Sub-Wavelength Resonant Structures at Microwave and Optical Frequencies"

Systems Engineer at Cymer

2012 Hai Ping Matthew Chen Ph.D

"Coupled Plasmonic Nanostructures for Improved Biological Sensing"

Integration Engineer at Cymer

2012 Maurice Ayache Ph.D

"Near-Field Microscopy in Liquid for Accurate High Resolution Optical Characterization"

Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2013 Rick Delhommer M.S.

"Near-Field Microscopy in Liquid for Accurate High Resolution Optical Characterization"

Software Engineer at Illumina

2014 Qing Gu Ph.D

"Metallo-Dielectric Nanolasers for Dense Chip-Scale Integration"

Postdoctoral researcher at UCSD

2014 Andrew Grieco Ph.D

"Characterization of Waveguide Distributed Bragg Reflectors for Application to Nonlinear Optics"

Postdoctoral researcher at UCSD

2014 Joanna Ptasinski Ph.D

"Tunable Resonant Structures for Photonic Integrated Circuits"

Visiting Scholar at UCSD

2013 Brett Wingdad M.S.

"Design of Robust, Low-Threshold Wavelength-Scale Nanolasers using Optical and Thermal Analysis"

2014 Olesya Bondarenko Ph.D

"Wafer bonded distributed feedback laser with sidewall modulated Bragg gratings"

Research Scientist

2014 Janelle Shane Ph.D

"Design of Robust, Low-Threshold Wavelength-Scale Nanolasers using Optical and Thermal Analysis"

Research Scientist at Boulder Nonlinear Systems

2016 Matthew Puckett Ph.D

"Generating, Enhancing, and Leveraging Nonlinear and Electro-Optic Effects in Silicon Based Waveguides"

Research Scientist at Honeywell

Postdoctoral Scholars

Year Name Current Coordinates
2000 Fang Xu Novatel
2001 Pang-Chen Sun
2002 Sophie Laut UC Davis
2003 Rong Liu
2003 Wataru Nakagawa Professor at Montana State University
2004 Antonello Nesci Project Manager at Schott Suisse S.A., Yverdon
2004 Sandrine Herriot R&D Laser Scientist at Thales
2005 Efi Rotem Scientist at Oclaro
2006 Uriel Levy Professor at Hebrew University
2007 Hyo-Chang Kim Oxford, UK
2011 Jin Hyoung Lee Staff Engineer at Oracle
2011 Dr. Amit Mizrahi Chief Scientist at Skorpio Technologies
2011 Mercedeh Khajavikhan Professor at UCF CREOL
2012 Michael Kats Cymer

Undergraduate Students

Year Name
1994 Richard Penner
1996 Adam Ghozeil
1997 Eric Phillips
1998 Jay Johnson
2000 John-Paul Fryckman
2001 James Nielsen
2001 Eric Loh
2001 Steve Chen
2001 Mark Chaisson
2002 Semeon Litvin
2003 Michael Moewe
2004 David Pham
2004 Jessica Yuen
2004 Ben Pouladian
2005 Stanley Calixte
2006 Jeff Su
2007 Jacob Sendowski
2008 Joshua Wang
2008 Maria J. Bustamante
2009 Herman Gudjonson
2010 Michael Gordon
2010 Michael Stone
2010 Stephen Efthyvoulos
2012 Colton Wood
2012 Kristine Dietrich
2012 Oscar Sandoval


Year Name Position
M. Tur Visitor
Cha Sungdo Visitor
Ivan Richter Visitor
Guoqiang Li Visitor
1999 Igor Ciapurin Scholar
1999 Sung-Do Cha Professor
1999 Miguel Alvarez Scholar
2000 Fang Xu Ph.D Assistant Research Scientist
2001 Pang-Chen Sun Ph.D Assistant Research Scientist
2002 Stephanie Le Moal Visitor
2002 Sophie Laut Postdoctoral Researcher
2002 Yuri Mazurenko Researcher
2002 Tamir Husain Visitor
2003 Tilman Friz Visitor
2003 Pierre Ambs Visitor
2003 Rong Liu Postdoctoral Researcher
2003 Daisuke Miyazaki Scholar
2003 Sergey E. Pulitin Visitor
2003 Nasser Payghambarian Scholar
2003 Wataru Nakagawa Postdoctoral Researcher
2003 Katsuyuki Akutsu Sony Scholar
2004 Antonello Nesci Postdoctoral Researcher
2004 Sandrine Herriot Postdoctoral Researcher
2005 Beam-hoan O Researcher
2005 Francis T. Yu Professor
2005 Mufei Ziao Wu Scholar
2005 Pierpasquale Tortora Scholar
2005 Tilman Friz Scholar
2005 Pang-Chen Sun Visiting Scientist
2005 Efi Rotem Postdoctoral Researcher
2006 Uriel Levy Postdoctoral Researcher
2007 Hyo-Chang Kim Postdoctoral Researcher
2007 Alexander Gumennik Graduate Student
2008 Olesya Bondarenko Visiting Scholar
2010 Reuben Shuker Visiting Scholar
2011 Jin Hyoung Lee Postdoctoral Researcher
2011 Dr. Amit Mizrahi Postdoctoral Researcher
2011 Thomas Lanvin Visiting Scholar - EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
2011 Dr. Mercedeh Khajavikhan Postdoctoral Researcher
2011 Diego Martin Cano Visiting Scholar - Autonomous University of Madrid
2012 Felipe Vallini Visiting Scholar - Institute of Physics, State University of Campinas, Brazil
2013 Dr. Boris Slutsky Principal Development Engineer
2014 Dr. Maziar Nezhad Assistant Research Scientist
2016 Mario Souza Researcher