ECE 181:

Physical and Fourier Optics

Spring 2017, Professor Joseph Ford

Table of Contents:


  Instructor and Teaching Assistants

  Course Outline and Information

  Lecture and Lab Schedule

  Lab Experiments




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Instructor and Teaching Assistant:


Prof. Joseph Ford

Office: Jacobs Hall (EBU1), Room 3405


  Teaching Assistants:

Sonika Obheroi


  Lab Engineer:

Peter Ilinykh

Lab phone: (858) 534-4819


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Course Outline


 Introduction: Ray optics

 Simple thin-lens imaging

 Multi-lens imaging

 Wave optics

 Diffraction and interference

 Light propagation through isotropic media

 Scalar diffraction theory

 Fourier Optics

 Advanced imaging systems

 Laser optics


Primary: Fundamentals of Photonics, B.E.A. Saleh and M. C. Teich - 2nd edition, Chapters 1-4.

Supplemental: Optics, Eugene Hecht, 4th Edition, 2002.

  Course Grading:

 Homeworks... 20%

 Labs.............. 20%

 Midterm (6th week during the lecture time)... 25%

 Final Exam (Monday June 12, 3:00 - 6:00 pm)... 35%


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Lecture and Lab Schedule


 Tu, Th 3:30pm-4:50pm, YORK 4050A

  Labs: Jacobs Hall (EBU1), Room B706

 Tu, 1-3pm

 W, 9:30-11:30am

 W, 12-2pm

 Th, 1-3pm

Reading materials

  The optical design of gemstones.

  Telescope Lens-Making in 17th Century.

  Link to Lens imaging interactive tool.

  Refractive index of cubic zirconia.

  Optical ray tracer application:

  Microscope Handout.

Lab Experiments

  Laboratory Precautions and Regulations.

  Laboratory Techniques.

  Experiment #1: Imaging Properties of a Simple Lens

  Experiment #2: Introduction to ZEMAX - optical ray tracing software.

  Experiment #3:Interferometers.

  Experiment #4: Diffraction

  Experiment #5: Spectrometers

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Assigned Thursdays, due following Thursday in class unless otherwise stated.

  Homework 1.

  Homework 2. Due Tuesday April 25th.

  Homework 3.

   Midterm Practice.

  Midterm Practice Solution.

  Homework 4. - Due Thursday, 5/11

   Midterm 2017 solution.

  Homework 5, due June 1.

Homeworks solutions.

  Homework 1 Grading Scheme

  HW1 solution.

  HW2 solution.

  HW3 solution.

  HW4 solution.