Maurice Ayache

Title: Graduate Student

Office: B507, Engineering Building Unit 1

Mailing Address:
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0407
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0407

Phone: (858) 534-7208
Fax: (858) 534-1225

BS: Cornell University, Engineering Physics, 2005

MS: Boston University, Photonics, 2006
Thesis: High-Precision Resonance Rayleigh Spectroscopy of a Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube

Research Interests: Near-field microscopy, polarization, carbon nanotubes, quantum optics

Journal Papers

Conference Papers

  • M. Ayache, M.P. Nezhad, S. Zamek, M. Abashin, Y. Fainman. "Near-Field Measurement of Amplitude and Phase in Silicon Waveguides with Liquid Cladding" IEEE Photonics Society Winter Topical Meeting 2011, p.95-96.
  • M. Ayache, M. Abashin, D.T.H. Tan, K. Ikeda, Y. Fainman. "Broadband Heterodyne NSOM Characterization of Propagation Loss in Waveguide Bends." CLEO/IQEC 2009, paper IMG5.
  • M. Abashin, M. Ayache, K. Ikeda, R. Saperstein, Y. Fainman. "Time-Resolving Heterodyne NSOM with Spectrally Broad Sources." NFO-10 2008.
  • P.S. Penev, M. Ayache, J. Fruchter, and E. Mandel. "Independent manifold analysis for subpixel tracking of local features and face recognition in video sequences." in Proc. SPIE, Vol. 5404, p. 523-533. (2004).